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Assessment and Selection

ase-elite-trifold-graphicBusinesses use interviews and personality/cognitive tests, all of which can be prepared for by the candidate.

Elite government security agencies, on the other hand, administer an additional series of simulation exercises that reveal how the candidate really thinks and reacts in stressful situations.

Backed by over 30 years of refinement and demonstrable results, this approach makes one thing very clear: Being able to preview your next CEO’s future performance helps you make the most optimal hiring decision.

For the first time ever, Preting Consulting brings these advanced techniques to the key leadership positions of the corporate world. ASEelite™ tools add an extra dimension to your executive selection process, giving you more control over the human variable and more relevant information for choosing your senior executive.

Preting uses the tool to focus on new hires, external hires and in team environments. Prior to running an ASE event, Preting works with the client to identify what attributes the company is looking for in their next hire(s). From here Preting works with the client to design the ASE assessment.

We can employ the ASEelite tool from anywhere in the United States.