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Security Consulting

Preting looks at security consulting through the optic of the classic SWOT Analysis combined with modern security practices. This means taking basic security methodologies and applying them to the business enterprise.

In today’s global and e-commerce driven market, security is essential. While cyber security is imperative, the weakest link into the heart of a company is still the employees. This is why Preting initially focuses on the employees, followed closely by an encompassing view of the company.

We do this with a balanced security integration approach by providing both full and part-time consultants who cater security systems to what you need through our five-phase Security Services Integration Plan. We make this even easier with our Security Portal that allows a company to promote security, track employee and enterprise training, and easily integrate security awareness into a company’s security culture.

Phase 1: Employee Focused

Phase 2: Compliance Focused

Phase 3: Proactive Assessments and Risk Measures

Phase 4: Company Plans and Procedures

Phase 5: Sustain