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Operations and Support

Preting serves diverse customers in the commercial and government markets.

Understanding a client’s requirements is critical to placing the best employee in a position of responsibility.  As such, Preting draws its cadre of highly-trained professionals from the following sectors:

– Commercial Fortune 500
– Organizations that provide non-traditional support to overseas operations
– Niche military organizations- National Security Community- Law Enforcement

Operations and Support

Preting provides individuals responsible for designing, creating, managing, overseeing, supporting and coordinating training and operations.  Our employees directly support operations in areas such as low-intensity conflict, homeland defense, force protection, counter-terrorism, show-of-force, special operations and overseas contingency operations.

Our people help clients visualize and understand the full spectrum of the operational environment and influence the outcome of operations.  We help our clients focus on capabilities, centers of gravity and potential courses of action to provide them the information they need to plan and conduct operations and implement full dimensional force protection across the range of operations.