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How do elite national security, defense and intelligence organizations consistently acquire the finest quality recruits to be future Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Case Officers – individuals who have the right set of behavioral attributes for a sensitive, no-fail position? Three words: Assess, Select, Evaluate (ASE). This methodology clearly differentiates them from the commercial sector's common C-suite ascension processes.

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Business Design Consulting
Business Design Consulting

Design Thinking and Business Modeling are just two of the many tools that Preting uses with clients to map out a company’s story. These tools help executives discover new business models, revise them to respond to changing conditions, and manage portfolios of distinct businesses within a large enterprise. We use customized facilitation methods to help business units and teams re/design their current models.

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What We Do

Here are the ways Preting helps businesses and organizations succeed.

  • Training & Education

    Training & Education

    Preting offers a full range of training courses to educate clients. Much of our training is interactive with practical exercises and interactive learning methodologies.

Our Toolbox

  • Business Model Canvas
  • The Blah-Blahmeter
    Our Toolbox: The Blah-Blahmeter
  • Value Proposition Canvas
    Our Toolbox: The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Basecamp
    Our Toolbox: Basecamp
  • Infographics
    Our Toolbox: Infographics