Preting hires skilled people with a track record of success to fill full- and part-time positions and independent contracting positions for training and operations in both Counterintelligence and positive HUMINT disciplines. Regardless of the job description, we seek employees with the following traits:

Communicator.  Without clear communication, no aspect of a business enterprise will work effectively. So we look for employees who can listen attentively, speak precisely, read fast and write well.

Creative Problem Solver.  Preting needs people who can look at ambiguous problems and see workable solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage.

Positive Attitude.  Our team is confident, convincing and thoroughly positive. Our clients appreciate these attributes as we successfully complete our projects.

Initiative. We show clients that, in addition to having an intelligent workforce, our employees are also driven to succeed.

Persons holding government clearances are strongly encouraged to apply.

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In addition, Preting is regularly looking for independent contractors to fulfill short-term role-playing and instructor billets. The content of the courses varies from basic CI and HUMINT operations to more specialized military training courses. If interested, please send your resume to